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International Delegations provides professional interpreters for government and businesses to accommodate foreign delegations. 

Services and Languages: provides on-site interpreting services also known as face to face interpreting.  Our interpreters can travel with your delegation to provide around the clock assistance.  More than 50 languages are available.

On-Line Access: 24/7 access to professional interpreters is available through our web site from any computer.

Interpreters Management: Coordinators can track the status of interpreting assignment in real time, check interpreters' identity and qualifications, and billing information on line.

Electronic Records: All information is stored electronically. Coordinators have 24/7 access to customized reports.

Confidentiality / HIPAA: operates under non-disclosure agreements and complies with HIPAA requirements.

Insurance: holds professional errors and omissions insurance.

Quality Control: We require the highest level of professionalism from our interpreters. We screen interpreters, provide in-house training on professionalism and interpreter ethics issues, and encourage additional training and certification. Upon completion of the project, coordinator's feedback is requested through an interpreter assignment sheet. 

Quality Guarantee: If you are not happy with the interpreter, please let us know as soon as possible. We will provide a replacement without delay, and we will not charge you for the work that is not perfect.

Payment options: We accept Visa, MasterCard and P-Cards through our secure on-line payment system. We also accept checks and direct wire transfers.

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