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You: Our Client of the Month.

Congrats! Your firm/company has been nominated as's Client of the Month.

This means we are dedicating an entire month on our social media accounts to promoting your company/firm. This includes professionally shot video content on us and the ability to be exposed to a network of business/legal professionals all over the midwest.

We would be honored to show off your business to our network!

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Upload Logo & Team Photo

2 Instructional Videos

30 second videos connecting where your team members teach a topic the community can learn from.
These will be recorded vertically, tightly scripted, and possibly be animated over.
Choose 2 prompts and the person on your team you will answer the prompt.


On the selected day of your choice, we will have a professional videographer as well as a team member of our team (if location/scheduling allows) come to the filming location and capture all needed content in 1 hour max.

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